CEO Leadership Development

Leadership development for CEO’s and Founders is a journey into helping you achieve your professional goals while being mindful of the stories you tell yourself that can sabotage your capabilities. Below are the things that I want us to care about when we work together.


You are responsible for the “what” and the “why”.  Your team answers the “how” and the “when”

  • Great leaders paint a vision (near or long-term), point a team toward that vision and articulate what the world looks like when the mountain is climbed.

 You are clear on your why

  • Your company is compelling because of why it exists, not what it sells.  You are a storyteller.  Tell the story.

 You have standards that act as the filter for your actions

  • We often make decisions based on circumstances, not based on our standards.  Standards create a firm compass in all situations. 

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Your team is led by principles that dictate how you act in alignment with your brand

  • Principles are the foundational elements of culture, that dictate how you act toward each other, your customers and deliver on your brand promise.

 You know your genius zone and strive to spend more time there

  • We all have an area where we are uniquely skilled, and we need to stay in that area if we want to drive outsized value.  Knowing your zone and taking action to stay in it will deliver results….and happiness.

 You are clear on your priorities and align your organization around them

  • We call these the Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) and the intention is to align the organization around a small set of clearly articulated goals.


Key Modules

  1. Financing support (strategic positioning, modeling, investor targets)

  2. Self-awareness of your style and genius zone and how to optimize your time

  3. Establishment and accountability around personal and professional goals

  4. Development of Critical Success Factors with team commitment

  5. Consistent assessment of your environment and how to adapt to it

  6. Creation and management of business model and value proposition canvases

  7. Aligning leadership team and tools to maximize impact and accountability

  8. Organizational scorecard and action plan - right people / position / time  

  9. Creating an environment where people will thrive


How We Work Together

Two, 60-minute scheduled calls per month.

As necessary emails and calls to support you.

Sprint based (90 days) vs. open-ended.

In-between session practice work and reading.

Leadership development for select team members.

Strategic team facilitations (half-day or full-day) to drive initiatives.