Financing Strategies to Meet Your Goals

High performing leaders aspire to run high performing companies.  And high performing companies need to be capitalized to grow.  There are a variety of ways to finance business growth and we will figure out and implement strategies to unlock the best path(s) forward for you.  


Merger and Acquisition Activity

"Companies are bought, not sold."  However it is worth being well aware of the metrics that companies will be using evaluate your Company.  When you believe the timing is appropriate to harvest the value of what you have created we will put together the process to realize the potential of your business.

It is also important to understand the opportunities available to you to grow through acquisition.  Who are the targets?  What is their motivation?  How do you approach them?  How do you structure a transaction?  How do you support the transaction with a financial model that will build your confidence.


Raising Outside Capital

Raising capital from outside the Company tests you on many different levels.  You have just signed up a new customer in your business and while they care about your service, they care more about making sure they generate a return on their capital.  How you manage this process and then manage your new customer is critical to your health and the health of your business.  We must match the source of capital to the business stage, and your goals as a business owner.


Financing via Revenue

The best kind of financing is that which your customers can do for you.   Revenue is a vehicle to both fund the operations of the business and grow your business.  Unlocking the potential of revenue as a financing vehicle comes from freeing up the cash flow to fund growth.   You want your business to be a well oiled machine which means understanding how revenue, costs and investments translate into cash flows.  It's not just an accounting thing.  It's your fuel for growth.