Leading With Your "Why"

@@Great companies are built with purpose.  They are not “what” companies.  They are “why” companies.@@   Your "why" keeps you sane as an entrepreneur.  Whether you are building an enterprise or running 100 miles, you better have purpose or you’ll struggle during the dips of the journey. 

I started a company to improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years.  People joined because of that purpose.  Customers inquired because they were attracted to it.  We need to define your "why", live it, and infuse its meaning in everything you do.  Why does that matter?  It will drive your employees, your customers and your strategy.


For Your Employees

No one gets up in the morning day after day, week after week, year after year, to make a buck.  People get up in the morning for purpose.  And purpose is about a “why”.  You attract and retain the best employees when you have purpose well defined.   

For Your Customers

Customers want to feel they have a partner that gets them, that understands their aspirations.  Markets are competitive and messages matter.  Do I want to partner with a company that is built on a foundation designed to help me be successful or do I want a company that just does stuff.


For Your Strategy

@@"Why" companies open up the aperture of opportunity.  Growth gets constrained when entrepreneurs define themselves by what they do and not why they do it.@@   Many of us are familiar with Simon Sinek’s Start with Why Ted Talk (5 minute watch).  When you lead with “Why” it will give you the privilege of expanding your business in a way that will make sense to your customers, your investors and your Board of Directors.

From a confident "why" we can build a value proposition.  The value proposition is the understanding of the needs, fears, pains and wants of your customer and most specifically….the job they need done.  Your role is to relieve pain and/or enhance gain through your products and services.  A clearly articulated value proposition is the foundation of the business and your why will help us establish it in a clear and enduring way.