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Changing Your Trajectory. It's Just Physics.

This post is about life trajectories and how to change them. I was inspired by a former business coach, Lex Sisney, who talked about achieving life and business goals through the lens of physics. That got me thinking about the variables that drive trajectories and how those can be changed (or at least having the intention to change.)

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The Thing Happened. It's Meaningless

For many years (and probably most of my life) I wrapped myself up in stories.  Stories that questioned, "How well am I liked?", "What will people think of me?", "Am I a good entrepreneur?", "Will I meet my parents' expectations?", "Am I worthy to be in this role?", "Will I make enough money?",  and on and on and on and on!  Hundreds of times a day we experience things in the world and we create a story around it and very often, that story hinders our ability to live a full life.  So how can we stop telling stories that cripple our potential and realize the possibilities of taking control of our intentions? 

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