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Cash is King

In 1996 I nervously approached Day 1 of investment banking in New York.  The training program would last about a month and we were all bright eyed, anxious, committed, and less than humble.  Frankly I couldn't even believe I landed the job (a different post for a different time) but I was ready.  The trainer for the program was a guy who made such an incredible impression on me.  His name was Paul Kushel, but he went by "Cash" and he managed to make even the most mundane accounting topics crazy fun and exciting (I know, I have issues).  You can read about how he got the name Cash here but it wasn't because his wife's name was Flo (that's run of the mill accounting humor).  Cash left a big impression on me and an impression I want to leave on you.  When it comes to business:  CASH IS KING.  Know it.  Love it.  Lean into it.

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