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Push an Inch or Push a Mile. Your Call

Do you ever wonder why you are working so hard and soooo busy but just aren’t changing the game in your life or business. The truth is that most of us are trying to push too many things forward and we end up pushing them an inch. Focus and prioritization can move initiatives forward a mile but we’re scare of “giving up” on the other activities. You much give up some things to progress in others. Focus on pushing your intention a mile and see the results.

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Top 10 Ways to Battle Digital Dementia

For the last couple of years, I have felt like I was losing my ability to remember pretty much…. anything.  I was terrible with names.  I couldn’t remember some childhood events that should otherwise seem salient.  The issue of Digital Dementia is a problem and as entrepreneurs, we want to show that we’re “on the pulse” of everything when in fact, we may be forgetting the things that really matter.

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Getting Control of Bad Email Behavior

Email sucks or it's awesome.  I don't know.  So much of our headspace is spent checking emails, sending emails, thinking about what to write in emails, writing the perfect emails, hoping I didn't miss an email, waiting for an email response, figuring out how to respond, and on and on and on.  Email may be the single biggest productivity killer and drama creator in your life.  It is time to wrangle this beast once and for all to use it for good.  Here are a few ways to navigate email crazy successfully.

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