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Self Reflection on Running Ultra Distance Trail Runs

In August 2016 I ran a 70 mile race in the Canadian Cascades called the Fat Dog 70.  It was a hot day, running at elevation and the run would take over 21 hours.  I took my phone with me and shot some video along the journey.  It shows the high highs and the low lows.  There is so much I learn about myself on these runs and most of all I learn to dig deep and know that when I'm in my darkest moment, I keep moving because it will get better.  Check out this video to see the real story.

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So You're Interested in Ultra Distance Trail Running

More and more people are hitting the streets to run in America.  Last year, over 20 million people participated in an organized race which is up 300% since 1990.  Did you know that 45 million pairs of running shoes were purchased in 2013?  While pavement running has lots of benefits if you really want to find your flow and challenge yourself, hit the trails. 

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